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The Equine Sun Visor ®
Attractive, Comfortable, and Effective!
Provides Crucial UV Ray Block for Eyes
Recommended by the Equine Cancer Society
Recommended by the Equine Cancer Society
Recommended by the Equine Cancer Society
Recommended by the Equine Cancer Society
 *   With its patented wrap around visor, the Equine Sun Visor provides an industry leading 99.9% direct UV ray block to the eyes and surrounding soft tissue. 
    ** Lab tested and rated at 99.9% UV block **
*   Dust, debris, & rain shield     *   Fly & insect mask    
*Recommended by the Equine Cancer Society* 

Whether your goal is to increase your horse's comfort level and provide protection from the sun and UV rays, or provide supportive treatment for trigeminal neuralgia, head shakers syndrome, uveitis, conjunctivitis, cancers, or post surgical care, our products can meet the need.

                                             **  **
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All of our products are made per order and go into queue in production after the order is processed. Since the products are so personalized, we do not keep completed inventory on hand. Our current turn around time is approximately 3-5 business days. We appreciate your business and your patience. We will do our very best to get your order to you just as soon as possible. If your need is urgent, please contact us. 

New Option Available

Price: $79.95
The ESV MAXX - (shown with optional ears & nose cover) provides supportive therapy for horses with light sensitivity issues including those with trigeminal neuralgia, head shaker syndrome, bilateral uveitis, and medicinal pupil dilation. Mesh UV block 95%
HiVis Visor
Price: $45.95
HiVis Visor
When being seen is important. New Product: HiVis Visor (shown with optional 3M reflective tape)
Ready To Go Mask
Price: $55.45
Ready To Go Mask
When you can't wait for a personalized mask, order this's Ready To Go!
So simple, yet so effective. This is more than just another fly mask. Its patented design provides proven eye protection against harmful UV rays from the sun.  Any horse with blue eyes, little pigment or pink skin will benefit immediately from the protection offered by the Equine Sun Visor.  Horses with weepy or sensitive eyes can benefit as well, regardless of their pigmentation. It even acts as an umbrella in the rain! It's a quality product made in the USA. Buy one today, your horse will thank you!   Patent No: US 8,127,521