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Both the Equine Sun Visor and ESV MAXX provide UV protection.The Equine Sun Visor (ESV) is more prophylactic in nature, providing protection from the sun, wind, etc and improving the horse's comfort level in those environments.  The ESV MAXX was designed to help those horses who already have a severe issue, or issues, and/or have developed light sensitivities making it painful to be out in the bright sun. Those can be trigeminal neuralgia, equine head shaking syndrome, equine recurrent uveitis, dilations, or post operative protective needs.  The ESV would be like a ball cap and standard sunglasses for us, whereas the ESV MAXX would be like a ball cap and the dark sunglasses worn after one gets their eyes dilated.

Both products use the high UV ray block visor (99.5% UV block).  The ESV uses a single layer mesh with 75% material block but only about 40% UV block. Again, the visor protects the eyes with 99.5% UV block  With the design of the products, and the manner in which horses hold their head the majority of the time (grazing) the ESV  provides the protection most customers need for their horse. Our customer's reviews on our website, as well as Facebook, tell the stories of the benefits of our products. We've used the ESV on our horses for years, and they have never developed any eye issues.  Our bay mare had very weepy eye issues, and wearing the ESV eliminated her weepy eyes immediately.  Our Tovero medicine hat paint (one blue eye and a lot of pink skin) has used one as well and he remains free of eye and surrounding soft tissue problems, and he's now 11 years old. The MAXX takes protection a bit further for those horses that already suffer from aforementioned issues. It uses a multi-layered mesh achieving a 95% uv block in the mesh area, as well as the 99.5% uv block under the visor.  Most horses don't need the protection provided by the MAXX, but for those that do, they find relief and comfort. You can read many of our customers stories on our Facebook site: 

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.