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Custom Orders 

Custom orders will be charged from $20 - $60 extra depending upon the time involved in creating the alterations. During peak production times, we may choose to decline an order that requires a lot of alteration to create. Altering the length of a nose cover is not considered a custom order, and therefore does not incur an extra charge. 

Expedited Orders 

We are willing to expedite an order for a single mask if there is an urgent medical need.  Expedited orders will be charged $25 extra, and typically will be shipped within 1 week.  The additional charges will be made to the credit card of purchase, and the receipt will be attached to the invoice when shipped. We limit the quantity of expedited orders to two per week. If we already have two expedited orders taken for the week, we will move the next requested orders to the following week, and will still incur the $25 charge. If you wish to have your order expedited, please send an email to, referencing your order number, and request your order to be expedited. It will be handled according to the policy just read.